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Drawing Rachel McAdams

One of my favorite parts of drawing celebrity portraits is to see how many people can recognize the likeness based on my work. I enjoy drawing men because their faces are often more flawed than women which makes it surprisingly easier to draw when working with charcoal.

A friend asked me to draw Rachel McAdams, one of his favorite actresses because she has a beautiful and recognizable face. When I accepted the challenge, I searched for a picture that could capture not only her face, but her versatile hair as well. She has had straight hair in Mean GirlsĀ and sported short, curly, heavily styled hair in films likeĀ The Notebook.

Charcoal is a great medium to work with fine details that cast shadows and the picture I chose to draw of Rachel McAdams was picked with the shadows in mind. Her hair in this photo was curly and bouncy which created light and dark twists that could be rendered with charcoal.

Although you might not recognize Rachel McAdams by a particular hairstyle like we recognize others, everyone I showed this picture to knew who she was by the blemishes or beauty marks on her face. Though I feel as if I draw male portraits better than female portraits, this artwork was a confirmation by others that I can indeed draw women just as well as men.

For more info on the materials used, check out my Rachel McAdams Portfolio Item.