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Drawing Melanie Laurent

This portrait of Melanie Laurent was drawn at the request of a friend who had just seen the movieĀ Now You See Me which was about magicians. She was also famous for acting in the World War II movieĀ Inglorious Basterds directed by Quentin Tarantino.

Melanie Laurent is a well-known French entertainer who has credits in acting, singing, screenwriting, and directing. I chose to draw this specific portrait of her as an exercise with charcoal and recreating the colorful blush on her cheeks.

Though the blush was difficult to mimic with charcoal as a medium, I was able to draw her beautiful eyes quite well and imitate the natural lightness. She has interesting eyebrows that are close to her eyelids and protrude drastically, but I was able to draw them quiet well in this portrait.

To learn more about her and the artwork, read my Melanie Laurent Portfolio Item.