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Drawing Mahatma Gandhi

In an art class I took in college, an assignment we had was to draw a famous historical figure using the pointillism technique. I chose to draw Mahatma Gandhi because I was studying about him in a history class at the same time my art professor assigned this project.

Though this portrait of Mahatma Gandhi is unlike all my other works in regards to mediums and styles, I felt it was important to keep this piece in my portfolio as it has received countless compliments. Despite the fact that this portrait is created with pointillism, everyone who has seen it and who knows of Mahatma Gandhi has been able to recognize him with ease.

This artwork was created using a standard black sharpie marker which is much more versatile than most people think. I used toned gray paper for my canvas. This piece was displayed in my college art gallery after having been accepted by the curator.

To learn more about the subject of this piece, check out my Mahatma Gandhi Portfolio Item.