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Drawing Alan Rickman

Being young, Alan Rickman’s most famous role to me and most people my age was as Severus Snape in the Harry Potter movie franchise. His character of Severus Snape was so perfectly portrayed that he became an icon for my generation.

My friends provided me a short list of celebrities they wanted me to draw, and Alan Rickman was not on any list. It was only after he died in January 2016 of terminal cancer did I feel the need to commemorate this incredible actor with a dedicated portrait.

I chose to draw Alan Rickman based on a portrait of him in costume as Severus Snape because it is in that role that I and most of my peers would always remember him by. He was a wonderful human being who deserves to be remembered for his talents in acting and theatre.

For more info on the actor and my drawing materials, visit my Alan Rickman Portfolio Item.